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An Official Cowboy Cauldron Dealer

El TORO ENTERPRISE is an official dealer of the popular COWBOY CAULDRON, the versatile outdoor cooking grill and firepit that everyone in your neighborhood will want. We special order this incredible outdoor cauldron. Swing by so we can match you with the perfect cauldron. 

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The Dude

THE DUDE® is our newest, lightest, and most affordable Cauldron, and is a proud addition to our lineup.

Scaled for an active lifestyle, THE DUDE is what you’ve been waiting for – even if you didn’t know it until now!

Made from solid plate steel, just like our other models, THE DUDE has a 24” basin weighing in at 35 pounds. Big enough to hold a normal campfire, it comes with a grill, rain cover, and more.

Built with with segmented tripod legs, The DUDE breaks down so you can put it in your car and go. Even if your car is tiny. Unlike the tripods for our larger cauldrons, the segments break down similar to a tent pole — maximizing portability.   

To put its simply, THE DUDE breaks down, but doesn’t break.


The urban Cowboy

We can guarantee that if you buy the Urban Cowboy, the first time you announce a burn, once the group is assembled and the drinks have been poured, someone at the party is going to turn to you and say, “I can’t believe this is the small one!”

The Urban Cowboy is an enabler. It lets you have a fire in your yard — or anywhere else, for that matter — any damn time you feel like it. No burnt logs or blackened rocks to look at. No hole in the patio. Just a beautiful piece of functional sculpture that, like a good dog, will be there, waiting to play with you, whenever you are ready.

And with style, baby. With style. 

The Wrangler

If your plan is to put a Cauldron on open space, or on a large outdoor surface, the Wrangler will suit your needs in in fine fashion. Large enough to handle the rotisserie kit, one chef we know does a suckling pig on a Wrangler every Sunday at a fancy hotel – to the accolades of all. In fact, he ordered a second one to handle demand! 

Even though you probably won’t go this big, it’s nice to know that you can. The Wrangler also does small and intimate, so if your plan is for one or two other couples and some nice wine, the Wrangler will bring everyone together in a way that owners of other grills can only dream of.

The Ranch Boss

The name says it all. This is the awe-inspiring product that started the company. The stunning yet subtle sense of presence that radiates from the Ranch Boss is difficult to describe and impossible to ignore. For those who want the absolute finest, there simply is nothing else that can compete with the Ranch Boss. This is the one to get if you can

Built with entertaining in mind, the Ranch Boss can burn whole logs, seat large numbers of people, and feed throngs. Its size gives tremendous versatility for many kinds of cooking, from rotisserie to Dutch oven, and from grilling to the serving as the world’s most impressive soup pot. While it is often the central point of resort and lodge settings it is often found on home patios as a statement of quality and the center of outdoor family life.

Granite FirePlaces

You won't find a better price!

Made from premium recycled granite stone, these firepits are made to last. The beautiful, natural design of the stone helps elevate our outdoor seating area, and is a great place to gather with friends and loved ones. 
Unlike cheaply made firepits, granite firepits won’t rust. 

So swing by EL TORO ENTERPRISE and buy the last firepit you’ll every buy!


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